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Bob Davies Motivational Materials
High Performance Training, Inc.
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On-line Coaching Program (Two CD's & Workbook. First month's coaching FREE)
Now you can have Bob Davies as your coach for the initial fee of this album and then only $19.95 per month. This is a platform for behavioral contracting enabling you to make weekly commitments and to designate enforceable consequences for non-performance. Coach Bob will hold you accountable to "do what you say you will do". Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, "What you do speaks so loudly I can't hear what you say". This program will also support you with performance coaching concepts and one 45 minute live conference call per month with Bob Davies.
The Sky is Not The Limit, You Are (Book)
Thorough examination of how your mind works and how you can make it work to achieve your goals in every area of your life. Complete step-by-step guide to making your own reinforcement tape & selecting and accountability partner.
Coaching for High Performance (Book)
Creates a structure for personal & professional coaching. After reading this book, you will have the competency to coach another person for focus, clarity, accountability, increased fulfillment & productivity.
The 1.2% Factor - The Science of How The Small Change of Accountability Leads to Large Results (Book)
Over 100 science statements of fact and research are examined, simplified and then applied to your daily performance. This is the examination of science for non-scientists. You will learn that you are surrounded by great opportunity and how to tap into it. You will be able to give yourself the highest possibility of predictable success from the principles of this book.
Baroque Music (1 Audio Cassette)
A collection of the slower, 60-beats-per-minute largo movements of baroque music for the use in making your reinforcement tape.
Baroque Music (Same as above available on CD)
Living a Healthy Lifestyle (10 Audio & Workbook)
This series clearly addresses the issue of controlling a habit such as over eating by exploring the role of food in our lives. You will learn the difference between hunger and appetite. Contains new information on diets & breakthrough research on making your body an efficient energy burning machine.
Mission Accomplished (8 Audio & Workbook)
The entire High Performance Training program containing all of the available researched & practical information on how to make and use your baroque music monthly goals tape & develop a partnering/coaching relationship for weekly reinforcement & accountability.
Mission Accomplished (CD & Workbook)
(Same as above available on CD)
Overcome Procrastination (3 Audio & Workbook)
Learn how to overcome procrastination by empowering yourself with the distinctions of time wasted through avoidance of psychological prisons of the "I have to's" & learn the true meaning of FOCUS.
Overcome Procrastination (CD & Workbook)
(Same as above available on CD)
Self-Image, Visualization, Mind Mapping (2 Audio)
Now you can learn how to use both sides of your brain to remember information, as well as how to put fun back into learning.
Subconscious Aspects of Persuasion (4 Audio & Workbook)
How to appeal to a client's subconscious mind to break their habitual ways of thinking by using precise language. Included is an explanation of personality types and how to sell them.
Sensory Goal Setting (1 Audio)
The human brain has been compared to a hologram by Dr. Carl Pridbram of Stanford. Learn hoe to neurologically encode high achievement traits the NLP way.
Cigarette Smoking (1 Audio)
Learn the latest techniques of habit control. Emphasizes the dangers and addictions of smoking and some outstanding nuts and bolts of how to rid yourself of a controlling habit for good!
Bob Davies Live - Volume I (1 Video)
Bob Davies speaks live to 25,000 people on the principles of "elite" performance.
Bob Davies Live - Volume II (1 Video)
Bob Davies elite performance continues. This video is designed to follow Volume I.
Bob Davies Live-Attitude Interventions & Coaching Commandments, Volume III & IV (2 DVDs)
This album continues where Vol I and Vol II leave off. This is an application of the latest findings of research in the fields of biology; physics, mathematics and psychology as applied to how you think, feel and act on a daily basis.
"Alien" T-Shirt
Remind yourself of the three core principles that drive excellence and the biggest competitor, the "Alien", every time you wear this shirt.
Available in sizes s m L xL (Please specify size in order comments)

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